Hazrat Abu Mohammad Muhiuddin Shaikh Abdul Qadar Jilani (R.A.) Al Hasani Wal Hussaini Al Baghdadi is Ghousal Azam, Qutbul Alam, a great Spirit of Allah.the Almighty, answers at ones who are in misery and trouble. He is Sultanul Awlia of the world. He is saturated woth divine knowledge and divine wisdom, a true descendent and follower of prophet Mohammad (S.A.S.). He was the founder of Qaderiyyah center of Baghdad Sharif, the Islamic Sufism that has spread all over the world.

He was born in 1077 A.D. in the month of Ramadhan in a town called Al-Jil in west of Iran. Both of his parents were well known saints. They lead a Sufi life and were completely devoted to Allah The almighty. His father’s name was Syed Abu Saleh Musa Jangi (R.A.) Bin Syed Abdullah Az Zahid, descendent of Hazrat Sayedena Imam Hasan (R.A.A.) Bin Hazrat Syedena Al Ali Murtada Karam Allho Wajho Bin Abi Talib (R.A.A.) the 4th khalifa of the entire Islamic world. His mother’s name was Syeda Ummal Khair Fatima Binte Syed Abdullah Sumi (R.A.A.). He was descendent of Hazrat Mohammad (S.A.W.) through his grand son Syedena Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A.A.) Bin Hazrat Ali Bin Abi Talib Karam Allaho Wajho hence Hazrat Muhiuddin Shaikh Abdul Qadar Jilani is called (Rah) Al Hassaini Wal Hussaini (R.A.A.).

Parental Side of Ghousal Azam:
Syed Al Imam Al Hassan Musanna (R.A.A.)
Syed Abdullah Mahaj (R.A.A.)
Syed Musa Joon (R.A.A.)
Syed Abdullah Sani (R.A.A.)
Syed Abu Bakkar Dawood (R.A.A.)
Syed Mohammad Samsuddin Zikriah (R.A.A.)
Syed Ehayia Zahid (R.A.A.)
Syed Abdullah Az Zahid (R.A.A.)
Syed Abu Saleh Musa jangi (R.A.A.)
Hazrat Abu Mohammad Muhiuddin Shaikh Abdul Qadar Jilani (Rehmatullah)

Maternal Side of Ghousal Azam:
Syed Imam Zainal Abedin (R.A.A.)
Syed Imam Mohammad Baker (R.A.A.)
Syed Imam Zafar Sadek (R.A.A.)
Syed Imam Musa Qazem (R.A.A.) 
Syed Ali Reza (R.A.A.)
Syed Abu Alauddin Mohammad (R.A.A.) 
Syed Kamaluddin Isa (R.A.A.)
Syed Abu Ata Abdullah (R.A.A.)
Syed Mahmood (R.A.A.)
Syed Mohammad (R.A.A.)
Syed Abu Jamal (R.A.A.)
Syed Abdullah Sumi (R.A.A.)
Syeda Ummal Khair Fatima (R.A.A.), Mother of Hazrat Abu Mohammad Muhuiddin Shaikh Abdul Qadar Jilani (Rehmatullah)

Few Miracles of Ghousal Azam

Hazrat Abu Mohammed Muhiuddin Sheikh Abdul Qader Jilani (Rahmatullah) was born as hafez in Quran. He was born with excellent spiritual qualities as a gift derived from Allah. He memorized eighteen chapters of the Holy Quran from the recitation of his mother while she was pregnant. This was indeed a great miracle, a God gifted spiritual power at birth. Sheikh Abdul Qader Jilani Rahmatullah started to show miracles soon after birth. He was born in the month of Ramadhan in 1077 A.D. He refused to suckle his mother in day time during the holy month of Ramadhan.When people could not see the new moon of Ramadhan Due to cloudy sky, they approached to his mother who told them that her new born son Sheikh Abdul Qader (RAH) did not take milk on that day from the morning. It was later found that it was indeed the first day of Ramadhan.

After the passing away of his father from this world, Sheikh Abdul Qader Jilani (RAH) lived with his mother until the age of eighteen years. He had a vision. He asked his mother for studying in Baghdad, Iraq. Baghdad is the capital of Iraq. The Capital of Sufism and a great centre of education and learning. His mother gladly permitted him to go to Baghdad for education and knowledge. She brought out eighty pieces of gold which was all his father left. She kept forty pieces for his brother. The rest forty pieces she sewed in the axilla of his coat. Then she permitted her son to leave for Baghdad. She made him to promise her that he would be always truthful. He must speak the truth in all situation whatever happened. She bade him good bye with these words, “May All Mighty protect you and guide my son.” I separate from my dearest for the sake of Allah. I know, I will not be able to see you until the Day of Judgment.

Sheikh Abdul Qader Jilani (RAH) accompanied Sheikh Hammad ad-Dabbas, a well known Sufi saint of that time. He predicted that Sheikh Abdul Qader (RAH) would attain a high power.

Sheikh Abdul Qader (RAH) joined a small caravan going to Baghdad. As they passed the city of Hamadan a group of about sixty strong horsemen attacked us. They plundered everything from everyone. One of them asked me what possession I had? I replied, “I have forty pieces of gold,” He again asked, where it is? I replied, under my axilla. He laughed and let me go. Next another bandit asked me the same question .I answered truthfully the same. He also did not believe and let me go. Finally their leader asked me the same question. I replied to the leader “I have forty pieces of gold in my axilla sewn by my mother.” The leader took my coat, tore the arm piece and found forty pieces of gold. All of the bandits were surprised .The leader said, “why you let us know while those gold pieces are sewn safely?” Sheikh Abdul Qader (RAH) replied, “I promised to mother to speak the truth in all circumstances.” What will happen to me? So much I stole. So many I killed. They held my hands repented and changed their way of life. All of them found forgiveness for their sins. They accepted Islam and prayed to Allah. They helped Sheikh Abdul Qader Jinali (RAH) on his way to Baghdad.

On the way to Baghdad Sheriff Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qader Jilani (RAH) found a frail and very sick person he saluted with As Salaamu Alaik. Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qader Jilani (RAH) returned the greetings in Islamic fashion. The sick man asked him to help to sit up, Hazrat son immediately regained his health. Became strong and began go grow big. The man was very happy and asked, “Sheikh Abdul Qader Jilani did he know him?” He answered no. The man explained, “I belonged to the religion of your grandfather.” I have become very sick and miserable, but Allah has revived me with your help.